John D. Weiss Employee Justice Summer Clerkship Award

The John D. Weiss Employee Justice Summer Clerkship Award is given to the top law student chosen from the yearly Employee Justice Summer Clerkship program, who exemplifies the attributes that John D. Weiss demonstrated during his life: a person with a generous heart who gives without expecting recognition, although so deserving; a person who demonstrates a fierce passion for achieving justice for workers; and, a person with an inspiring ability to overcome adversity. The Weiss Fellow will also be recognized with an additional stipend from FAIR. The namesake of this honor, John D. Weiss, was instrumental in helping CELA leaders to establish FAIR and generously supported the organization until his untimely passing in 2013.


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The FAIR Fellowship 

Promoting Diversity. Advancing Employee Justice.

The FAIR Fellowship (formerly called The Sanford Heisler Public Interest Diversity Fellowship) is a unique fellowship that enables a new attorney to work full-time for two consecutive six-month terms at (1) Legal Aid at Work and (2) a law firm affiliated with the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA), an organization of more than 1200 workers’ rights advocates throughout California. FAIR funds a Fellow with salary and benefits during the first six months the fellow is working at Legal Aid at Work. The applicant will then be matched with a CELA affiliated firm for the second six month term and be paid a salary and benefits by that entity.

Stay tuned for information and application deadlines for the 2018-2019 FAIR Fellowship.

2018 Employee Justice
Summer Clerkship

Beginning in August 2017, volunteer members of CELA's Diversity Outreach Committee and other CELA members conducted on-campus interviews at participating law schools to interview law students interested in the Employee Justice Summer Clerkship. During the interviews, the interviewers provided personalized information regarding CELA members and member-firms who are seeking to hire qualified summer law clerks and have agreed to pay their summer clerks at least $8,000 for a total of ten weeks over the summer. From the initial interviews, Diversity Committee members and designated CELA interviewers compiled their comments and impressions of all the candidates for CELA members. Also included in each student profile will be the student’s resume and transcript and a short statement of interest from the candidate. After participating firms review the applications and select summer law clerks, a subcommittee designated by FAIR, in coordination with the CELA Diversity Committee, will select Employee Justice Fellows, who may receive up to $4,000 in fellowship funding for the summer to supplement the salary they receive from the member-firm. During their summer employment, Fellows are encouraged to attend and be recognized at a welcome orientation lunch and training program for all Fellows and other CELA members’ law clerks, along with CELA’s annual summer Diversity Summit. Click here to view further information about the 2018 Employee Justice Summer Clerkship.