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Specialty Bar Associations

Alameda/Contra Costa Trial Lawyers

American Immigration Lawyers
California Applicants’ Attorneys Association
California Employment Lawyers Association
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

Consumer Attorneys of California

Minority, Women's and LGBT Bar Associations
Afghan American Bar Association
Arab American Lawyers of Southern California
Armenian Bar Association
Asian American Bar/Bay Area
Asian Pacific American Bar-LA County
Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers
Asian Pacific Bar-Silicon Valley
Asian/Pacific Bar of California
Association of Muslim Lawyers
Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom
Black Women Lawyers of Los Angeles
Black Women Lawyers/Northern California
California Association of Black Lawyers
California Women Lawyers
Central California Asian Pacific American Bar
Charles Houston Bar Association
Earl B. Gillam Bar/San Diego
Eastern Bar Association of L.A.County
Filipino American Lawyers-San Diego
Filipino Bar Association/Northern California
Hispanic Bar Association/Orange
Hugh W. Goodwin Bar/Fresno
Iranian American Bar Association
Iranian American Lawyers Association
Irish American Bar/San Diego
Italian American Lawyers Association
J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Japanese American Bar/Los Angeles
John M. Langston Bar/L.A.
Korean American Bar Association/ Northern California
Korean American Bar Association/San Diego
Korean American Bar/Southern California
La Raza Lawyers Association of California
Latina Lawyers Bar Association
Lawyers for One America
Lesbian & Gay Lawyers Association-LA
Mexican American Bar Association of LA
Minority Corporate Counsel Association
MultiCultural Bar Alliance of Southern California