Our Mission

FAIR’s mission is to promote diversity within the plaintiffs’ employment bar in California, so the attorneys representing California’s workers are as diverse as those they seek to represent. FAIR also seeks generally to raise public consciousness about worker’s rights and remedies, to provide educational opportunities and programs to individuals who seek to advance the rights of workers, including but not limited to fellowships, internships, and scholarships, and to carry on other educational activities associated with FAIR’s goals.

FAIR was created in 2010 by members of the California Employment Lawyers Association. FAIR is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is incorporated in California as a nonprofit public benefit organization. All contributions to FAIR are deductible to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

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News & Events

September 26, 2015—FAIR launches One For All, a fundraising campaign promoting diversity in the legal profession in California.

May 15, 2015—
Sanford Heisler Kimpel Public Interest Diversity Fellowship Announce Second Fellow, Amelia Alvarez.

April 7, 2015—
The FAIR Board would like to thank everyone who attended the Spring Soiree in Los Feliz.

July 23, 2014—FAIR Enlists Distinguished Advisory Board.

November 1, 2013—Top mediators pledge to support FAIR with mediation proceeds, meeting the Mark Rudy Mediators Challenge.