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Mark Rudy Mediators' Match


A Mediator Roundtable Discussion

FAIR is hosting a special 1.25-hour Mediator Roundtable Discussion on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 12:00pm-1:15pm, as the “skills” session just before CELA's Annual Conference.  FAIR President Bernard Alexander will moderate a special roundtable discussion during which mediators will provide practical tips in the COVID-19, zoom mediation era. 

There are five speaker slots available with two ways for mediators to become a speaker:

  • Mediators Affiliated with Service Providers: Once FIVE mediators affiliated with the same mediation service provider sign up for the Mark Rudy Mediators’ Match (each donating a half-day of mediation fees to FAIR), two of those mediators will be panelists for the roundtable discussion.  

  • Non-Affiliated Mediators: Two speaker spots will be available for mediators unaffiliated with a mediation service provider.  The first speaker spot will go to whoever is randomly selected from a pool of mediators who participate in the Mark Rudy Mediators’ Challenge by making a tax-deductible monetary donation of at least a half-days’ worth of their mediation fees to FAIR.  The second speaker spot will go to any mediator who makes a tax-deductible donation of $7,500 to FAIR.  

All mediators who participate in the Mark Rudy Mediators’ Challenge will (1) receive recognition at the CELA conference as a supporter of FAIR’s mission to increase diversity within the plaintiffs’ bar, and (2) be formally acknowledged in an email sent to all members on the CELA Listserve! 

Top employment mediator Mark Rudy of San Francisco helped initiate the "challenge" campaign, in which employment mediators around California are donating a day's mediation proceeds (or the plaintiffs share of day's proceeds) to FAIR, to support the organization's diversity recruitment efforts. FAIR's leadership believes that the mediators who work with CELA members every day and whose practices benefit so much from the support of the plaintiffs' employment law community, should give back, by means of a tax deductible donation, to show support for the cause of increasing diversity in the plaintiffs' employment bar. Read more about the challenge here.

Along with Mark, the following leading mediators have led the way in accepting the Mark Rudy Mediators’ Challenge, demonstrating their serious commitment to inclusivity in our community: Mark Rudy (San Francisco);
Gail A. Glick (Los Angeles); T. Warren Jackson, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Hon. Michael A. Latin (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Hon. Benny Osorio (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Steven G. Pearl, Steve Pearl Mediation (Los Angeles); Mark C. Peters, Duckworth & Peters (San Francisco); David Phillips, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Angela J. Reddock-Wright (Los Angeles); Todd A. Smith (Calabasas); Hon. Richard A. Stone (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); and Eve Wagner, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles).

How about making a recurring Mark Rudy Mediators Match annual donation?