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We welcome your involvement in supporting the next generation of workers' rights attorneys. Support our work by getting involved in any of the following ways:

Make a Financial Contribution

Mail a check or donate online today. Contributions are tax deductible. FAIR is a nonprofit tax-exempt charitable and educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (federal tax ID number 27-0972708).

Mark Rudy Mediators Match

Top employment mediator Mark Rudy of San Francisco helped initiate the "challenge" campaign, in which employment mediators around California are donating a day's mediation proceeds (or the plaintiffs share of day's proceeds) to FAIR, to support the organization's diversity recruitment efforts. FAIR's leadership believes that the mediators who work with CELA members every day and whose practices benefit so much from the support of the plaintiffs' employment law community, should give back, by means of a tax deductible donation, to show support for the cause of increasing diversity in the plaintiffs' employment bar. Read more about the challenge here.

Along with Mark, the following leading mediators have led the way in accepting the Mark Rudy Mediators’ Challenge, demonstrating their serious commitment to inclusivity in our community: Mark Rudy
(San Francisco); T. Warren Jackson, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Hon. Michael A. Latin (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Hon. Benny Osorio (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Steven G. Pearl, ADR Services (Los Angeles), Mark C. Peters, Duckworth & Peters (San Francisco); David Phillips, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); Hon. Richard A. Stone (Ret.), Signature Resolution (Los Angeles); and, Eve Wagner, Signature Resolution (Los Angeles).

How about making a recurring Mark Rudy Mediators Match annual donation?

Hire a Fellow

If you are a firm that represents primarily employees in employment law cases, you can hire a candidate from FAIR’s Employee Justice Summer Clerkship Program or the FAIR Fellowship. There are many benefits to hiring one of our candidates. Each candidate is pre-interviewed to ensure that they not only have the educational credentials, but also the passion for social justice and the rights of workers. The candidate’s diverse background can help your firm reflect the diversity of the community and the clients you represent. They can also help your firm reach out to multicultural communities who are underrepresented and in need of legal representation. Hiring qualified FAIR candidates will bring in diverse points of views when evaluating potential cases or how to present your case to a diverse jury pool. Fellows selected by FAIR will also be trained by the organization’s volunteers and through donations, and will have access to caring mentors, brief banks and “nuts and bolts” exemplars from experienced top employment law attorneys. The training and resources given to FAIR fellows will save your firm time and money.

Designate FAIR as a Cy Pres Recipient

If you are a party to or counsel in a class action, you can recommend FAIR as a cy pres recipient. The cy pres doctrine permits parties to a class action which reaches settlement or judgment to request that the court distribute unclaimed or residual funds to non-profit organizations that engage in work which will benefit the class and advance the public interest. While the court makes the final determination as to whether a non-profit organization is an appropriate cy pres recipient, it is up to the parties and their counsel to make the recommendation. Please consider designating FAIR as a cy pres recipient. Cy pres funds are important for supporting FAIR’s programs which are dedicated to advancing workers’ rights and diversity in the legal practice. The diversity of FAIR’s programs makes it a good candidate for cy pres awards in a wide range of cases.