News & Events

December 2020—FAIR announces the selection of  Erik Jimenez Rodriguez as the 2021-2022 FAIR Fellowship recipient.

October 2020—FAIR hosts its first mediator's roundtable with Hon. Benny Osorio, Jeffery Owensby, Mark Peters, David Phillips, and Angela J. Reddock-Wright to discuss tips on how to maximize case value during mediations. Each of these mediators demonstrated their commitment to diversity by meeting the Mark Rudy Mediators' Challenge and donating at least a 1/2 day's worth of their mediation fees to FAIR.  FAIR thanks them again for their generous donations!

February 2021—FAIR and CELA's Diversity Outreach Committee announce the selection of 13 summer 2021 Employee Justice Summer Clerkships and recipient of the John D. Weiss Employee Justice Award.

December 2019—FAIR announces the selection of Laura Alvarenga Scalia as the 2020-2021 FAIR Fellowship recipient.